Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Augsburg Confession (ELC AC) was established still in Russian Emperor time, and was officially registered in Russia in 2007 and re-registered in 2013. Since then, within almost 10 years, the Church has developed, accepting parishes from all over Russia, as well as the near and far abroad, becoming a supranational Lutheran church.

After accepting the Apostolic Succession from the Old Catholics of Slovakia, the ELC AC began to follow the path of convergent Lutheranism, without changing, nevertheless, the postulates described in the Augsburg Confession.

After some situations that occurred in 2018 - 2021, ELC AC has embarked on the path of renewal and further development.

Our communities are located in Russia, Belarus, the Philippines, Israel, Sweden, Thailand and other countries.
and Traditions
The only Lutheran church in Russia that has a valid Apostolic Succession and follows the Lutheran traditions.
Following the Law of the Russian Federation, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Augsburg Confession registered as a non-profit organization with the registration number 1077799022168 of March 14, 2013 with the address of registration 125363, MOSCOW, YAN RAYNIS blvd., 1, room 3.