To be a well educated pastor or priest is important. And we are ready to give free ministry training to our clergy around the world. Specially for it we made educational site where you can learn and pass test of your knowledge.

Our course based on online system MOODLE, and give possibilities to receive education from any place, any time, by anybody.

For graduate our course, you should just pass required subjects. There are:

  • Old Testament & New Testament Survey,
  • Church History,
  • Church Ministry,
  • Biblical Interpretation,
  • Liturgics,
  • Evangelism,
  • Augsburg Confession,
  • Homiletics,
  • Pastoral Counseling,
  • Comparative Dogmatics,
  • Luther’s Catechism,
  • Community Organization,
  • Psychology, and some others.

Progress and time, which you will spend for you education, and also how fast you will graduate, depend only of you. On our side we are happy to help and support your studies! 

Contact us and ask any questions, and proceed to the website for more information!