The international district of the ELCAC includes parishes that are outside of Russia, but who wish to receive spiritual nourishment in the ELCAC. ICD was established in 2015, and the first leader was Bishop Pavel Levushkan.

After retiring from the post of Bishop of ELCAC, the post of superintendent of the ICD was occupied by Timofey Medvedev. In October 2017, he left the post, and the post remained vacant until the next meeting of the Consistory of ELCAC. The duties of the head of the Central Electoral Commission are temporarily performed by Archbishop Alexander Franz.

In July 2018 the acting bishop of ICD became The Very Rev. Fr. Daniil (Suvoroff). Lately in November 2018 fr. Daniel was confirmed on the positions of the superintendent of the ICD of the ELCAC.

The ICD of the ELCAC includes parishes in the Philippines, Sweden and other countries.